Sample Sponsor Request Letter

Dear _______________,
This is _______________, and I’m sending this email to you on behalf of the __________ High School Football Program in the hopes that you might possibly consider sponsoring me and our School Kindness Wall for the upcoming 2021-22 football season, as we are trying to raise funds for ____________________. 
Each member of the 2021-22 football team has been asked to send this Sponsor Request email along with our Kindness Wall link – to a handful of people they feel might be willing to participate, and I hope it’s O.K. that I have chosen to send one to you?
Here is the link to our school Kindness Wall _________________, as it allows students, teachers, parents, and community members to anonymously submit positive/uplifting messages (that are pre-screened for visibility) for everyone to see!  In addition, a Donate button is also included for anyone who might like to provide a financial contribution of any kind whatsoever to our Football Program.
If you might possibly be willing to participate, then we would be extremely grateful, as you can do so by submitting a positive message, or by making a financial contribution of any kind – as even the smallest contribution would be greatly appreciated!
In addition, if you were to participate, then your contribution would be completely tax deductible, and we would also like to publicly “Thank You” for your support by placing your name on our Sponsor Page located on our Kindness Wall for everyone to see!
I can’t thank you enough for your possible consideration!  We hope that our performance both on and off the field this year will make all of our Sponsors proud to be such an important part of our ____________ Football Family!
Thank You Again for Any Possible Consideration!
(Athlete Name)